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CMMC Compliance & Beyond

We provide Defense Industrial Base companies with the ability to obtain 86% of CMMC Level 3 compliance quickly so they can respond to DoD contracts and turn security into a profit center.

Cybersecurity Challenges for SMBs

Threats continue to rise but the capability to defend against these adversaries has not kept pace.

CMMC Compliance regulations aimed at solving the security gap have introduced new challenges including:

  • Lack of resources
  • Budget stretched thin
  • Expertise and talent gap

A Better Approach to CMMC Compliance with Secure Services Domain (SSD)

The Secure Services Domain-as-a-Service (SSDaaS) solution allows companies access to an enclave to protect data, giving them the ability to respond to DoD contracts that include a CMMC compliance requirement.

The CMMC Ready Button

1st Quadrant Services provides small and medium-sized DIB organizations with the ability to obtain compliance quickly. Here’s how the process works.

Solving the DIB Challenges with Secure Services Domain (SSD)

Get Compliant Quicker

A quicker path to compliance by leveraging the controls and processes built into the fabric of the SSDaaS.

Reduce Complexity

SSDaaS reduces the compliance burden and complexities of having to maintain a CMMC compliant environment for federal projects.

Lower Cost of Compliance

The shared licensing model saves costs while overcoming the cost burden of CMMC compliance.

World-Class Data Protection

A security solution that leverages the power of Microsoft’s Azure security toolsets and Conquest Cyber’s SCyOps.


Intelligent workflows reduce workload and provide real-time visibility into compliance.

Components of Secure Services Domain (SSD)

SSDaaS provides a quick, cost effective, and more secure environment for CMMC Level 3 compliance delivered through three simple deployment offerings for small and medium-size DIB companies:

  • Modern Workplace (Remote)
  • Hybrid (with Azure)
  • Partner environment

"Cybersecurity leaders need to be able to solve all the problems in an integrated way that achieves the desired outcome and can scale daily. Because the adversaries who are targeting you are constantly evolving their tactics."

Jeff Engle, CEO of Conquest Cyber

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Gain and maintain CMMC compliance quickly and build a resilient cybersecurity program.